Ferm Living Wallpaper Sale too!!

Ok, deep breaths now....the online modern home gods have shined down on us today for sure.

Not only can you get discounted Rifle Paper Goods today at Design Story (see post below) but over at 2M Collective, they have Ferm Living Wallpaper marked down from $110 to $60 per roll.  No joke.  Amaze.

2M Collective is a members only home decor boutique that features great modern home furnishings from 2Modern.   Joining is free, and you receive a discount on your first order!!  Join now!

I've never known what to do with this goofy area at the top of our stairs, seen below half dressed....bleh. brown.  double bleh.

I bought that other wallpaper at the Brooklyn Flea back in October last year, and haven't found a great use for it yet.  I really like the pattern on it, but it is vintage and would require paste and really, I just haven't wanted to commit to it.  But! I'm positive that this new Ferm Living Remix wallpaper will make it to the walls!!  

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I had already began painting the entire upstairs with Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage as you can see on the wall below.  Side note:  I started painting this huge room six months ago, and I'm still not finished.  

This is our upstairs sitting area, which is really part of our bedroom, and is to the left of the area where  I want to put this wallpaper.  I think the Silver Sage looks really minty in this room, compared to how it appears in our dining room.  

What's really funny, is that I've carefully taken precaution to only get the painted area in the photos, when really the upstairs looks like this:

I know, I should be ashamed.  I kinda am.  Just kinda.

In summary, go buy the Ferm Living Wallpaper for nearly 1/2 off now!  Haha


ModFruGal said...

Ha! Thank you for showing us what we all live with!!! The sage is def an improvement...brightens the space a ton it seems.

Carolyn said...

haha, thanks for not making me feel bad that I pretty much only painted as far as I could reach and then stopped! I think the new wallpaper will be nudge that I need to finish the painting!
What do you think about painting the window trim black? I'm entertaining that idea.

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