Deja vu up in the home place.

I was flipping through an old Better Homes and Gardens decorating book (1975) and came across some items I'd seen before, but in this era.  It was a little uncanny how similar the current home styles are with what was popular in the mid-seventies.  

First up was this rug:

Hole up......isn't that MY rug?? Of course that meant I had to go look at it in the room.

Yep, that's the same rug...right down to the way it NEVER lays flat...grrrr.  How odd that they paired it with the same color yellow as our sofa, but they used a really large yellow ottoman.

And, what?  What's this?

They call the molding bright blue, looks black to me....kinda similar to another door I know in that very same room as that 1970s rug!

They say trends cycle back, and I know that's true considering nearly our entire house is 1960's decor (or so I thought), but the images in this book could almost be from this era.. but just almost, not completely.

This room below screams design*sponge home tour, no?  The southwestern rugs, the mini antlers, the natural wood shelves.  Deja Vu.

Here's where the almost comes into play....yikes.  I can't even call out one thing below, so many hurt me, don't they hurt you?  An ivy centerpiece? Mirrored tiles on the wall....Wait, is that a mirrored ceiling?

If it weren't for that Marimekko canvas and the possibility that the couch to the left could have clean modern lines- this room would not have caught my eye.

And below, a printer's drawer? As a coffee table?  Well, well.... looks like those of us in the 2000's are onto nothing new my friends, nothing new.  I'm sure if we look close enough we'll find a typewriter or a library card catalog going on as furniture as well. haha


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Funny, I have this same book. Found it at Thrift Smart on Nolensville Rd.

Panda Parables said...

that's so funny. i have some family circle do-it-yourself encyclopedias that are filled with random, wacky design ideas too. http://www.amazon.com/Family-Circle-Do-Yourself-Encyclopedia/dp/B001CGJ5UC

Carolyn said...

Shona- I got this book from my friend Keegan who already had one too!

Katie- You should look through those encyclopedias, could have some good ideas in them!

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