Flea Finds February

Can you say that title three times fast?!  So, yes...I know that it is March, and I know that I possibly forgot to even share my flea finds from January too...but friends, I always operate under the mantra Better Late Than Never!  So, here goes!

It's no secret...I'm a sucker for aqua and turquoise...and mid-century...this fan is yummy.

I'm also a sucker for collections or groupings:

Speaking of groupings, this spoon collection captivated me:

Spoon detail:

Next up, handmade gets me every time:

Mod hexalicious quilt and it was only $40!!!  Why didn't I buy this?!

This quilt had some great color combos and a mix of mod fabrics and silhouettes:

I passed this up, but bought the deer mixer cover below.

Next, on to the mid-century furniture that always makes me weak in the knees:

I actually purchased this, it was only $25!!

These barstools had already sold, I wanted them too!

This baby bed/ toddler bed could be great once cleaned up:

Ignore the scary stripper art behind it!! haha

I had a hard time leaving this little side table behind, all I would have to do was paint it and change out that orange fabric that was backing it, to make it amazing.

I went with patio furniture on my shopping list for our backyard patio that is in the works, but at $300, this wasn't going to fit the bill:

ModFruGal, if you see some homecrest and you have enough- send it my way!!

I'm actually most upset about not purchasing this worktable- it is EXACTLY what I need for my newest hobby/project that I've been working on, but I didn't even ask how much it was based on the vendor selling it is always out of control on pricing.

Seriously kicking myself for missing this.

This was a nice combo, but too rustic for my taste:

The vendor that was selling these vintage pull down maps usually has things priced right, but I didn't have a need for yet another map:

There was no shortage of taxidermy and horns:

This poor guy was HUGE, like 5 ft tall HUGE.

Also, on my shopping list was an extra large vintage cast iron sink for our upstairs bathroom renovation soon to be underway.  I found this one, but a drainboard in a bathroom is weird even for me:

I saved the my favorite score of the day for it's own post, coming up later! 

Full flea finds photo stream can be found here.


ModFruGal said...

AGH! That homecrest siesta chaise was NOT there when I was there! Boo. I will let you know when I'm ready to shed....

Carolyn said...

The dealer wanted $300 for all three, I wasn't prepared to pay that much. But if you come across ANY white metal outdoor patio sets (Chairs, tables, etc.) that you don't want...send them my way!!

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