Bedroom renovations updates!

We've been doing some decorating/purging of furniture in our upstairs master bedroom recently, along with finally throwing in the towel and hiring a friend to finish the paint job that I started so long ago.  Remember this paint job?

Yeah, I obviously needed help!

So, Mark to the rescue, the painting has given me the push that I finally needed- sometimes you just gotta throw in the towel on the DIY and let someone do the stuff you can't find time to do!  Also, I have hired someone to frame and drywall the closet and bathroom that I laid out in this diagram below:

The blue lines are where the new walls will be built.

They are coming in two weeks and I am so excited!!  Of course, that means we have some demolition of the current bathroom to do in our near future! But that's my second favorite part, next to designing it all, so I'm ok with that- let's just hope that David knows this is in his future too!

So, next up to share....we have been replacing our ikea furniture with mid-century pieces bit by bit. We found this dresser and chest of drawers, that aren't exactly what we wanted (a tad too small and has a veneer top) but we figured it would do until we did find our dream pieces, and when that day comes we can sell these veneered ones on craigslist the way we did the ikea pieces.  Don't get me wrong, I really do like these but we could still use more storage, as these are pretty small.

New mid-century dresser.

Mid-century chest o' drawers!

So, these shelves also help us out on the storage solution!

I found this pair of tall Danish inspired shelves at Wonders on Woodland, my favorite place to shop!  If you go by, tell Wayne/Debbie/Lori that Carolyn sent ya!!  I plan on using the one on the right, and David taking the one on the left.  I've already started putting my jewelry, etc. in the drawers and it's really nice to be able to hide that visual clutter that I am so good at accumulating.  No, I'm really really good at accumulating!


I just have to mention to you that people on craigslist love some ikea furniture!  As I said above, we sold our four year old Ikea MALM dresser in record time with someone offering us $30 more than our asking price if we just hold it for them and let them see it first!?  We ended up making back almost the entire price we paid for it and we got to use it for four years!! It just doesn't add up, but I'm not complaining!!

I was going to do the same with our old ikea Enetri shelving unit that is now discontinued, so I couldn't find the original sales price online to help me figure out an asking price.  I cleaned it off and wiped it down, the thing looks brand new!  I was going to put it on craigslist as well, but then I had an ikea hack idea!

Doesn't it seem that if you took the original ikea shelving unit:
(fyi, this is not my actual photo)

Removed the ikea fake wood shelves  +  replace them with real, walnut-stained wood shelves...along with spray painting the metal frame black...you would have something pretty close to this $2,099 shelving unit from Room and Board??  
Photo courtesy of Room & Board
I can't decide if I really want to attempt this, if it will work, and if I even have space for this shelf anymore.  We will see, I guess!  Expect an update in, say....a year from now! haha
Speaking of spray painting, I also spruced up some new lights for above our nightstands!  I couldn't recall if I had shared them with you before, so forgive me if I have!  I found these vintage accordion-style wall-mount lights on etsy last October after searching and searching online and locally for awhile.  One of them was damaged from a previous owner using too high wattage of a bulb and it burned the metal, so I only had to pay for one lamp + shipping!  I really did like the brassy original color, but I scored them for only $40, so I couldn't really complain!

Damaged light on right.



I think they are going to look great with the black zig zag area rug I found at Urban Outfitters!  I can't wait until it arrives!!  

Well, that's all for now!  I'll share photos once the paint dries and I get the rug into place!


Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Wonders on Woodland... gotta go! I love the shelves you found there, actually, I am loving it all.

And thank you for the shout out in your letterpress post.

One of these days we'll work on our exchange of printing experiences.

Carolyn said...

Yes, Shona -- GO to Wonders!!
It's been a long time since I've seen you, we need to plan an afternoon or morning of fun!!

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