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Have any of you letterpress lovers (that's you Shona) heard about the new LetterMpress app that is slated to be released for the iPad mid-June? I watched the promo video (at the end of this post) and was blown away, so much so that I tried to donate to the Kickstarter fund but I was happy to see they have already raised double the original goal, making this amazing idea a reality.  

Created by designer and typographer John BonadiesLetterMPress is a virtual letterpress app for the iPad (with other formats to follow) that allows users to arrange type with a drag-and-drop method that mirrors the real thing. Final designs can be printed directly from the app or saved as an image for importing into other apps, pretty sweet if you ask me. Looking into it further, I found that the app will have multiple ink coverage styles, allowing for different transparency or opacity, if desired.

Their hopes are to make the program a creative resource for designers, artists, students and just about anyone who has dreamed of having their own Vandercook, Chandler & Price, Kelsey or Heidelberg....it's not the real deal, you won't be able to smell the ink...but it is a start!

The app is just the beginning, they plan to later offer authentic letterpress prints from the designs submitted by LetterMpress users....REAL LETTERPRESS PRINTS...THAT YOU DESIGNED!!  The prints you receive will be from REAL wood type impressions from their extensive type collection.

So, as excited about this as I obviously am...it still brings me to a few questions.  How to actual designers who own a letterpress feel about this?  Is this stepping on your toes? Are you happy to see something like this service come to the masses?  Is this still exciting for even you, to be able to get your hands on type that is so hard to find?  I know for designers like Shona, she hand carves her own blocks - so type based designs such as this might not put a dent in what she creates...and I know that an iPad app can never come close to the feel and rhythm of printing your own art with a press in person....but it sure is amazing to this gal...well at least until that day that I finally own my own press!

Peep the video below for more info and like them on Facebook if you are so inclined.

And for you old school purists, here is an addional video regarding getting your print on, set to fun tunes here:

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Shona~ LALA dex press said...

HA! Thank you, unfortunately I don't have an iPad (or even an iPhone**) so I cannot play around with it when it launches.

I sent you an e-mail asking for your add. because I have something I MUST GIVE YOU + cannot find the e-mail you last sent me with your add.

**Until last Christmas I was still rockin' a 2nd gen silver iPod mini until my boyfriend got me an iPod touch so I can watch TV series on planes.

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