Modern Patchwork ecourse!

I've been entertaining taking the online sewing class that Rachel Denbow offers via her blog, Smile and Wave for several months now.  I really enjoyed the sewing class that I took at STITCH with Alexia Abegg this past winter, and would love to keep up my new skills in working order, and with an e-course I have the freedom to move at my own pace.  In Alexia's class we tried our hand at the beginnings of quilting (minus actually quilting it, if that makes sense), by creating a log cabin style pin cushion.  I would love to build on that same style to make a pillow!

The Modern Patchwork e-course is for fabric-loving crafters (hello...me!?!) who want to make unique quilted pieces for their home but don't know where to start.  The e-course includes nine patchwork projects with step-by-step tutorials that build with each lesson.  I love that it is an e-course and all of the information is available to you when you pay, so that you may move at your own pace, however, I know me....and I typically need that kick in the pants of having a formal meeting time and class, so that I actually do my homework! haha

If you are interested in the Modern Patchwork E-Course or other classes offered by the girls at Red Velvet, check them out here.

Also, worth sharing....I keep pinterest folders for both DIY/Tutorials as well as one dedicated to Sewing Inspiration , if you haven't already joined pinterest...DO!  And follow my boards so we can share our pins/interests for some creative inspiration!  I'll leave you with a few of my quilting inspiration here:


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