On fabric hoarding....

Textile Fabrics is currently having their annual Summer sale, and as with every sale they have, I like to go and stock up on amazing fabrics which I will not have a use for....for quite, quite some time...I just can't help myself...I...am...a...fabric...hoarder! As you can witness in the photo above!!

I happen by Textile every few months, but I can't make it too often because I become overwhelmed and fabric greedy and start going crazier than my wallet can afford.  I stopped in their store at the end of May, and after browsing for an hour, I approached their cutting table with a large stack of $25/yd fabrics in hand.  The very nice lady behind the counter asked if I was on their mailing list (I am) which kind of tipped me off that perhaps I should ask the question of the date of their next sale...it just so happened to be the following weekend!  So, I put all of my lovely fabric back on the shelves and prayed that they would all still available on Saturday.

Ruby Star Rising Viewfinders in pink fabric by Melody Miller for Kokka
The fabric that I was most jonesin' to buy was the one seen above, Viewfinders by Ruby Star Rising...doesn't it just kill you!?  Gah...I love it...like want-to-marry-it, love it.  I'm hoping to make an A-line skirt with it, because lord knows I don't need another tote bag or pillow around my house.  The weight is a heavy weight cotton/linen, surely I can make something wonderful out of it!

Now that I'm looking for it online, I see that I purchased the wrong color of that which I intended to buy...but I will live....I guess. The fabric below is what I went in search of, they must have been out of it or perhaps, my head was too swirlie from the colorful fabric goodness at 50% off, for me to notice the difference in store.
I found some really cute finished projects made using Viewfinders on Melody's blog, such as this DIY fabric covered mat:

The other fabric that I would have purchased, had I not been encountering swirlie-head fever, is her Transistors fabric as seen below...kinda kicking myself now...those color combos make me weak in the knees...but what would I actually use this fabric for?  A pillow? haha

Ruby Star Rising Transistors fabric by Melody Miller for Kokka
Check out Melody's other fabrics online or at the Textile Fabrics sale, which they have 50% off all fabrics with a minimum purchase of 1 yard and 75% off all remnants in the back room.  And as if that wasn't enough, they added ribbons and trims to the 50% off sale just today...you know, exactly what I needed...something else to lure me into that store! The sale ends Saturday, July 2nd and Textile is located at 2717 Franklin Pike, Nashville Tn 37204.
Source Melody Miller

I'll show you some of the other fabrics I scored at the sale tomorrow!

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Mary Frances said...

LOVE. I need to see more!

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