Acorn + Archer Jewelry

I just realized that I haven't properly updated you in my jewelry adventures since I shared with you that I had a new creative outlet a few months ago.  I've still been hammering away at making jewelry in my off-hours from the day job, but I have made some progress and have a little bit of news to share!

First things first, I have finally come up with a name for the jewelry line, it is a little bit of a spin-off of my 'Squirrelpearl' name, I wanted to keep it in the same family, but wanted it to have a unique identity too. So, without further ado....I have named it Acorn + Archer!

I found that of what I have been creating, the wood jewelry spoke most to me so I wanted to focus on that...and as we all know, an Acorn is the beginning or the seed of a tree (oak) and with most of my jewelry coming from trees...responsibly and sustainably harvested trees...I thought that was a good place to start!

I chose the word Archer based on both the repeating shapes I was drawn to, which reminded me of the point of an arrow, and my color scheme and layout reminded me of the feathers of archery arrows such as these vintage ones that I see in my living room everyday:

My second bit of news to share regarding Acorn + Archer is that it will be making its debut at the first ever Porter Flea in my neighborhood of East Nashville alongside Squirrelpearl art prints!  I hope to focus more on the Acorn + Archer jewelry going forward, so if you have had a hankerin' for some Squirrelpearl prints, now may be the last time to get them!

Check out the new Acorn + Archer blog with a web shop coming soon , also be sure to 'like' Acorn + Archer on Facebook to easily keep up with the blog and other going on's there.  And lastly, be sure to check out Porter Flea's website and facebook to see other vendors that you should come check out along with me, on July 9th!  Hope to see you then!


ModFruGal said...

Congrats! Love the name/Logo!

Panda Parables said...

wishing you luck on your latest creative endeavor! yippeeeee!

Carolyn said...

Thanks so much ModFruGal, I hope the product lives up to the logo! haha

And Katie, thanks for the luck- I need it!! ;-)

Diamonds Los Angeles said...

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