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So, a few weeks ago I found a tiny pink scarf at goodwill-- I'm pretty sure it was originally for a stuffed animal, but to me it looked like it would be perfect for Little Buddy. I washed it and then measured his neck and stitched it so that he wouldn't be able to get it off...I know, I know - I'm cruel..but man, it was so funny! David and I won't be able to have kids when the time comes that we want to, due to the torture of Little Buddy. We never harm him, we just make him look like a dandy boy every now and then. Tell me this doesn't make you laugh:
In other news, I hit up the flea market on Saturday morning. I found a good stash of vintage buttons, I'd say about 50-60 for $5!!!! These were the biggest, as usual the other pictures didn't turn out to well.

I also picked up these vintage dishes. I think the maker is Stetson, it has the same eagle logo and no name on the back as some that I have listed on etsy right now. I'll have to do a little research on them. I managed to pick up three dinner size plates and three tea cups. They are really cute, I'm not one for hanging plates on the wall and displaying them..but I think these would be acceptable.

One other little gem that I found at the flea market was this linen tea towel. I know it's not quite Christmas season yet, but I just had to see how it looked. I also found a vintage dress, I have to do a little hemming on it, I'll post pics later.
I didn't really make anything this weekend, sad to say the gocco still hasn't made it out of the box. I just don't want to waste any of the precious supplies. I did manage to put together these frames, that I'm pretty pleased with. The first one is the lamp shade from the last post. I cut it into three pieces and used one for this shadow box frame. The other ship image was a vintage cross stitched napkin from an antique store near my grandparents, I just sandwiched it in a frame I painted black inbetween helping David with dinner. Like I said, not much creating going on this weekend. I think we need a few more framed ships and then I'm going to hang them on either side of the huge white stag from a post this summer.

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