trick or treat??

Just a quick note about how awesome Halloween is and a little blurb about the fact that I won a prize for my costume down at Red Door East!!! I already had the majority of it, the only thing that was purchased new specific to the costume was the beard..total cost= $5. We didn't do anything this past Saturday night when half of Nashville decided to celebrate...so today at work David and I decided we couldn't let the holiday go by with out doing something. I brainstormed and realized I could throw this together...David ran on his lunch break and picked up the beard for me...and then when I got home, I went straight to the basement to try to figure out what I could come up with along the lines of a hat and belt...what other option is there?? FELT!!
So, 30 - 45 min. later.....the costume was ready! Ta Da!

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the orange bicycle said...

will you come stand in my garden?.....forever??

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