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David and I were quite busy this past weekend. We had an extended weekend and we ran around all over the south! Friday we went out to our pal's cabin in the country with friends and had a great time. On our way back, we passed a farm that had my favorite, donkeys!!!! We were able to pet them and feed them nice green grass from our side of the fence- it was nice. There were also alpacas, which are pretty cute too.Later that day, we attended a belated Canadian thanksgiving party. I never knew it, but it was pretty much just like our traditional turkey day. A good time was had by all.

On Sunday, David and I celebrated our 1 yr. anniversary. It's hard to believe that it's only been a year- we've enjoyed the first year, let's hope that the rest are as easy! To commemorate the event, we took a short trip down to Atlanta. We wanted to go to our favorite taco place, taquiera de sol. Also, I wanted to run by ikea, where I bought some frames for various prints I had around the house that I'd found on etsy, some tea towels that I plan on using the gocco on, and David found some cooking items that were just too cheap to pass up. Also, we checked out the Atlanta shopSCAD where we picked up a great print by a former SCAD student, and also hit up beehive co-op , it is set up similar to an antique mall with individual artists' booths. It's a really neat concept.

To kill time on the four hour drive to Atlanta, I brought along some felt and sewed a little owl. I used an old shirt of David's for the "belly" part of the little guy, and the rest was made of felt and two vintage buttons. I love how he turned out!!!

 Click him to see him enlarged.
Since I had Tuesday off, I was able to get some things done around the house, etc. I did some shipping of orders from etsy, hit up a few thrift stores and things that I generally can't do during the week because I'm a 9-5'er.

 Here are a few items I picked up today:

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