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I am so behind on posting pics and such of my little crafts. I guess that could be viewed as a good thing as I'm off crafting and not online typing..but no worries, I'll catch you up soon. I'll type it now to remind myself to take pics of my repurposed sweater into a scarf and i forgot to ever post about the 220 gocco'd save the date invites for my pal anna. I will give myself the deadline of next monday to post it all.
OK, so with all that behind me- i wanted to post pics of my wee trees that i created last night and tonight. I noticed in Starbucks (of all places) a cute tree made of paper with jagged or deckled edges that seemed to be shaped around Styrofoam of the conical persuasion. I've eyed this tree for the past few visits and once I got back to my desk yesterday, I googled it to see if there were any other odd peeps like myself that loved the Starbucks tree. I did find this post from someone who made one of felt (and no relation that I could tell to the Starbucks tree). As you may know, I LOVE FELT!!!! How could you not love something that requires no finished edge!!?
So, on my lunch break I ran to Michael's and purchased three Styrofoam cones in graduated heights. Somehow, I managed to spend $50 ON MY LUNCH BREAK before escaping Michael's. I left with other goodies, which eventually I'll share too. But, for now....the wee trees. I used three shades of green felt and cut the ends with pinking shears. I adhered all of the "leaves" with just plain ol' straight pins. I also used a paper towel roll as the tree base, but to make it a little more exciting, I covered it in woodgrain shelf liner. I am pretty dang well pleased with their turnout! I only have two completed and plan on doing the third before our Christmas party we are hosting on Saturday. Speaking of...I have tons of baking ahead of me! Off to bake!!

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