2008!!!! a few days late!

Well, as usual I'm late...I've never been able to be a punctual person. BUT! I have good news! Life is great....I actually can't remember the last time I was this happy in life. I had a great day today, I don't know if it was the unusually beautiful weather or that I didn't have to work today, or that I've had several etsy orders lately but haven't been obsessing much about how I need to post new items, etc. or that I borrowed my dad's big truck and feel very in charge when driving up high....whatever it is, it feels great. I hope that 2008 is full of days that feel like this.
To catch you up:
I am no longer working in the "cube world" at my big girl job downtown. My last day was Jan. 3rd, which was very bittersweet, but I think the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders has made the world of a difference- possibly annoying to others- but amazing to me.
My guy and I hopped on a flight to NYC hours after I wrapped up at cube land and had a little play time in the big city. Our very gracious friend, Tiffany, played hostess with the mostess to us (Thanks Tiff!!), as we crashed at her place in Brooklyn. It was a great trip including our lunch at Gordon Ramsay's Maze restaurant at the London hotel in Manhattan, where we sat 3 ft. away from Ellen Page of Juno fame while being interviewed for this, and ate quite possibly the most indulgent and expensive meal of our lives. It was the highlight of our trip. It was so funny to be enjoying this amazing meal and trying not to let on that I could hear EVERY SINGLE WORD that was being said between the interviewer and Ellen. (I call her Ellen now because I know her, or maybe it will just be Elle...hahah) At one point the reporter asks Ellen (Elle..hee hee) about being recognized...I think at that point I mentioned something to David about what i was eating to try to throw them off. I really wanted to lean over and say something and see if it would get thrown into the article....but held back! Overall, it seemed that all we did this trip was eat, drink and shop and talk about our lunch at Maze...which means we had a wonderful trip. David at Maze (above), after the interview, so as not to frighten them. Not the best shot of David, but I was trying to be discreet and not use the flash. I didn't want people to know that we were the rednecks from Nashville who came to take pictures of the fancy food there. So sad, so sad.

So, back to Nashville on Jan. 7th we relaxed at home and enjoyed that we could spread out in our house and hop in our car if we needed....a far cry from being in NYC. It's funny how once the things in life that you take for granted are out of the question, you begin to miss your normality.

So, I started my new job at Pangaea on the following day (yesterday) and actually had a good time AT WORK!!! It's kinda like all of my past jobs (there are many) have come together into this one....so instead of being confused and lost and not knowing why I'm sitting in cube land under the fluorescent lights and crying in the bathroom because I feel trapped in my work choice....I feel like I've taken back my life! I will not let my life control me...i will control my life! I love it.
I spent today getting rid of things and giving to goodwill. I also did a bit of shopping at goodwill while I was there (shhh!). I took out the trash and the recycling, and just enjoyed my day. It was wonderful. I spent a good bit of time at fedex/kinko's shipping etsy items and working on designing new ones to gocco tomorrow! While at a thrift store, I was able to find David a vintage men's bike at goodwill and will post pics of it and my other finds tomorrow! Oh, speaking of tomorrow- since I'm not working at the corporate America job any longer I will have access to blogger daily again! My posts had slowed tremendously after they started blocking any sites you would want to look at while trying to kill some time at work i.e. blogger, myspace, flickr, etc. So, look forward to more posts in 2008!!!

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theblondemule said...

Hooray for a happy life!

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