yo gabba wha?

i have become just a wee bit obsessed with a children's show called yo gabba gabba! that comes on the noggin channel...i've pretty much taken over our DVR with recording old shows from 2007, and i don't think david is very excited about it. if you haven't heard of it, (and why would you unless you have children...or know children...or was a child) it is a show that has these crazy furry costumed animals/robots/martians/monsters and is hosted by DJ Lance...and each episode they have a different celebrity guest perform during the "super music friends show" time. Past guests have included The Shins, Cornelius, The Aquabats, the list goes on...I even discovered a new band a few weeks ago that I totally dig called The Postmarks...you'll have to check out a video of it to see just how crazy it is.
What hooked me was that I was reading the Mates of State blog about touring life with babies in tow, and they blogged about recording a segment for Yo Gabba Gabba...so of course, I was like what the heck is this show? And now I find myself watching it just to find out who the musical guest is going to be...tonight it was the Salteens, and during another segment called "dancey dance" time, they usually have a celebrity teaching you a new move. On a separate episode tonight it was Elijah Woods. So odd. But i oddly love it. I'm pretty sure you'll either be sucked in like me, or hate it for all eternity.

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