Just in case you haven't heard...

I'm having my first ever solo art show next Friday, August 15th at the Belcourt. I know that I've posted it on Myspace and Facebook, but for my family and others who aren't into those social beasts, but read my blog...I'll post it here too!
If you're already tired of hearing about it feel free to skip straight to The Pipettes video..if not, I'll tell you! I have been working on several collages that incorporate all of my artsy/craftsy loves: Screenprinting or goccoing, doilies, woodgrain, vintage fabric, stitching, skeleton keys, vintage school book ephemera and found vintage photos. I've tried to create stories using these pieces to tell it. Often when I find a vintage photograph, I look at it and say, "oh, now she was a seamstress all her life and died by bleeding to death from a pin prick." weird stuff like that...so i used this opportunity to explore those crazy thoughts and bring them to life with the layering of different elements. And to top it all off, I got to use some power tools!!! Some of the wood and even some of the photos had to be pre-drilled before I could stitch them and I think I enjoyed drilling as much as stitching!
I better get back to work, only a little over a week remains and I'm certainly nowhere near finished! Hope you can make it!

Oh, and the video- totally unrelated, but puts me in a good mood! Enjoy!

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