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Yeah.. I know, I know...I've been in hiding.  I didn't mean to be gone this long but as the title tells you, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say nothin' at all....so, I just haven't had anything nice to say.  I can't exactly say that now that I'm here, it's going to be nice...but at least I'm here.   I thought that I should try to squeeze in one last post this year before I cross my fingers and say a little prayer that 2010 is a helluva lot better than 2009!

A wee recap of the past year, the good, the bad and the ugly:

I can't remember if I've mentioned here before that I started out 2009 with a *bang*, literally.  Eight days into January 2009, I was involved in an auto accident that totaled my car.  I only sustained a neck injury and at the time, I didn't think it would prove to be a big deal...boy was I wrong.  Eleven months later, I've just wrapped up my physical therapy, but I may still have "issues" with my neck for an indefinite amount of time. The upside of the injury (hey, i'm trying not to be a total debbie downer here) was that I got pain pills and physical therapy and came home with a home traction unit for my very own!!!  Anytime I need a neck stretch, I need only go upstairs!  Of course, the downside is that it is New Year's Eve and I'm sitting at home typing a blog post with a pillow wedged under my neck and wondering where those pain pills are....

 Let's find something good from 2009, shall we?  Let's see...I spent the first half unemployed, but because of said unemployment I was able to force myself to find other means of income...(get your mind out of the gutter) I participated in artisan markets, got to spend some time thrifting and rehabbing old furniture to sell at the artisan market and to the great mid-century modern shop up the road, made two new great friends via the markets...I was lucky enough to work on wedding and baby shower invitations this year for new friends, old friends and even total strangers...that was a great feeling of success, when you get an email or a call from someone that isn't a friend of a friend, etc. and they have heard of you and want to pay you for your designs..that was a bright spot to this year. 


Mid-year I finally got a job..a real deal...with benefits job!!!  While it was hard to go back to the day job life and sit in a cubicle again, it was so nice to be lucky enough to go back to a former employer where I knew the in's and out's, familiar with the company even if I would be in a different department, have the best boss I've ever had who totally trusts me with my own deadlines and workload and if I want to work from home from time to time it's not a big deal..and to have a real paycheck again!!!  I have to say, when a supervisor doesn't micro manage you and gives you the tools to feel empowered and listens to your suggestions, you actually don't mind that you sit in a cube!!!   Hooray for nice bosses!!  (Hi Matt!)

Unfortunately, our two income family didn't last long....In July, David got laid off from his marketing job in the music industry.  While this was kinda crappy, he was miserable there and needed to leave before they let him go...and we had already gotten used to living on just one income when I was unemployed for nine months....so for him to be without a job almost just felt like it was his turn?!?  He was able to go full force into a project (which shall remain nameless so that the bad part of 2009 doesn't outweigh the good) that at the time he was very passionate about.

Fall 2009 has come with more bumps than I can even delve into if I think I'm going to wrap this thing up before 2010...Life has been a complete whirlwind for the past two months.  David and I had a relaxing vacation to San Francisco to celebrate our 3 year wedding anniversary and came back to chaos less than 24 hrs upon our return.  I didn't even have time to upload our photos from the trip before I was in tears, David was without a job (again), and our lives were turned upside down.  I've got to say if there is one thing 2009 has shown me, it is that we are going to get knocked down and we've got to just keep on getting back up...I seriously feel like one of those Bozo the Clown blow up dolls that you would punch and it would pop back up for you to punch again?? haha

I've been hesitant to blog (the verb) because it is a very public medium and even though I only have a few followers, I know that whoever wants to read this can so that's why I've not been posting much...or at all.  But during this time we've spent a lot of time asking questions: questions of ourselves, questioning others and the world and our direction in life....I'm here to say, it has been rough...but as cliche as it sounds...what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger and I am a firm believer that the glass is almost always half full and not empty...life has been hard as of late, but that means that it can only get better...and boy am I ready.....bring on the 2010!!!

Resolutions for 2010:

  • Learn how to crochet by spending more time with my great-grandmother
  • Finally accept that the extra weight I gained isn't going anywhere and I'm going to have to actually do something to say adios to those 20 lbs that came with love.
  • Be more creative, produce something new once a week....ok, twice a month is more realistic!
  • Blog more!!!
  • Help David make the bed everyday
  • Get to work before 9:30

Ok, that's all I can try to do for now...too much and none of it will get done!  Thank you all for listening, not just now but the entire year of downers, and I hope that 2010 is a year of prosperity, hope, health and lots and lots of happiness!!!!!  Now, I have exactly 23 minutes until the ball drops...off to find my new years *kiss*!!



Shona~ LALA dex press said...

All our crap hit in December + I ate black eyed peas last New Year's day, but they took us through 11 months (which reminds me...I have to buy a bag today).

Here is to an even better (it can only get better?) 2010! AND hopefully we can coordinate for some printing fun.

theblondemule said...

First of all, congrats for finally getting all of this off your chest. I hope you know how much you guys are loved & supported. Here's to a better 2010!

P.S. Which animal got the New Year's kiss?

Panda Parables said...

thanks for sharing all this & for your openness and honesty. and i echo kim's comments too xoxo

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