Yellow Fever is out of control

So back in January I posted about my obsession with yellow...I am sad to report that it has reached epic proportions people...I..am..out...of...control.  END OF STORY.

First up, the mixer:

Due to the kitchen renovation (more on that later) our current KitchenAid mixer needed to go.  This probably sounds silly, but it was almond in color and just looks dirty against our bright white cabinets and soon to be installed white subway tiles.  My mother is buying it from us for half the price of a new mixer, so we were able to purchase a new one on ebay in a more desirable shade...you guessed it...yellow!! 

I would love it if the color had been just a little more mustard, but it will do.  It is a much older model than what we previously owned, and it is the larger size.  My favorite feature is the lever that lifts the bowl up and down instead of tilting the neck back like our previous mixer.  I can't wait to get to see it against the white subway tiles!!

Next up is our new yellow dining room table!  


We hit the flea market bright and early today and found this gem when the wind blew it over and the table top made a loud clatter hitting the ground.  David spun around, told me he had to go look at something and next thing I know...we scored a new table!! 

Due to my ongoing camera issues, it was hard for me to get a clear picture of it- the pattern is what I like to call "bird poop" haha.  Not appealing to most, i know, i know.  But I love it, and if it looks silly we'll just put it on cragislist.

Speaking of craigslist, because of all of our new found treasures, we have decided it is time to declutter.  We have too much furniture and it is just time to clear out some of the old and in with the new (new to us that is). Last week we came about an awesome set of mid-century modern living room furniture and because we like change, we are selling our current leather sectional.  The list of what we are selling deserves its very own blog post, but I will do that soon I promise!  For right now, I'm just excited to get to share with you the new sofa that will be taking its place.

Perhaps now you can see why we need to get rid of furniture?  We have nowhere to go! This couch is going to be recovered, and we are trying to get it as close to the original color as possible while also not breaking the bank.  More on our fabric choices later, I need help!!


Panda Parables said...

i was just telling rollum today how yellow's my favorite color. awesome scores. we went to the flea market this afternoon - Rollum spent $55 on records! we had to rush through since we arrived at 3:30...

theblondemule said...

I can't believe you brought up the couch without telling the story of how you got it, not to mention, your new BFF, Ray.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

I just showed my boyfriend this couch + asked him why HE did not find it on Craigslist...he said he did but knew that there was someone out there who was really into yellow who would love it more (hehe). There was one sim. to it, but with the wooden platform side table base at Southern Thrift on Nolensville Rd, but it was pretty rough + would be just another furniture project in our house.

Carolyn said...

Kim- I'll tell the story of Ray and how we acquired the furniture soon...perhaps when it comes back recovered and all nice and new.

Shona- for once we didn't find the new couch on craigslist, but thank your boyfriend for saving it for us anyways!!

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