By some strange miracle, I'm able to log in to blogger today at work!!?  I thought I would share some photos of our kitchen renovation while I eat my lunch and also share our reupholstered couch which finally came yesterday.

First up, the kitchen:

We finally finished the stainless steel metal banding and tiling the kitchen. The metal banding took much more brain power than either of us thought it would.  It's been a long time since we've had to calculate angles and pivot points- that said, once we figured it out - it all went swimmingly! 

Here's a detail shot of the countertops:

In the photo above, we hadn't yet grouted the tile- it is all finished now with the exception of a few small touch ups here and there.  But per usual, I haven't taken any good photos yet (I still have a broken camera), so you will have to wait for the big reveal...I know, I know...you are all dying of anticipation.  I just want it to all be pretty and styled when you see it!

The other reason for my lack of finished photos is that the rest of the new (to us) living room furniture arrived and we went full throttle into trying to get our house back to being warm and cozy and inviting and just plain livable again.  We have been selling most of our pre-fab type furniture on craigslist and have pretty much been able to fund all of our renovations lately, well, and our tax return helped a bit!  But we realized that when we bought our house, we slightly decorated it in a way that we thought homeowners were supposed to decorate - and that wasn't necessarily US.  So, we've had fun selling our ikea and west elm style furniture and finding good quality vintage pieces that will last a life time.
If you recall, we acquired a mid-century designer couch back in April along with four chairs, all designed by Adrian Pearsall for Craft Associates.  We wanted a similar color and texture to the original fabric and went with a Duralee fabric in mustard color- boy is it a lot of yellow.

This is what the couch looked like when we found it:

And here it is now!!!

I'm pretty pleased with it, we were really stupid in picking such a textured fabric (basked weave) since we have two cats- and we are really concerned that the dog will get it dirty and the cats will ruin it all...But!  I can't wait to get it all set up and styled the way we want it. 

For now, I placed the rug that belongs in the upstairs sitting area down just so that there is something under foot.  But it is really too colorful and too small (4' x 6').  I think ideally we need a 6' x 8' but I don't think that will be easy to find, as most are 5' x 8'.  I could really use some help picking an area rug, so in my next post I'll show you some of the rugs I'm entertaining and see if anyone has some suggestions, etc.


theblondemule said...

Love, love, love the couch & can't wait to see it in person!

alexis said...

omg that couch is shockingly beautiful. i was a little unsure if i would like it before it was recovered, but i love the tufted buttons and bolsters! LOVE IT! cant wait to see the kitchen.

Shona~ LALA dex press said...

Yes, the couch is absolutely amazing! You have a great eye. And I love the bit about getting the West Elm/ Ikea stuff out. There is one rather large piece of furniture I would love to see gone! gone! gone! from the old days, problem is it's really functional.

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