Early morning flea finds...

David and I got up at 6:30 (ish) Friday morning to hit up the flea before we went to work...most of you know, I don't do mornings, but if it means finding treasures...I'll bite.  We found a few jems, so I thought I'd share the things that piqued my interest.  I think that was the moon up above, FYI.

I did find that I spent much less money this trip because I gained the same (or close to the same) satisfaction that I normally get from purchasing the mid-century goodies that I just can't live with out - but this time, I  just photographed them, similar to ModFruGal, instead of hoarding like usual. My wallet (and husband and basement) thanked me!

Note: It cracks me up that ModFruGal and I went to the same flea market and only photographed one of the same items- the white salterini chairs!  See her post too - there was a lot of good stuff! ;-)

So, on to the finds: 

David and I only purchased one locker basket and one milk crate, but we each had our eye on a few things that I went back and purchased on my lunch break that day, I'll share the purchases later!

David really wanted this vintage milkshake maker that came out of an old diner.  We both thought it would look awesome in the new kitchen, but even at $100, we just weren't prepared to spend that much to make vintage milkshakes.

I'm quite proud of myself for not buying the vintage globe NOR did I buy this aqua bookshelf- it was really heavy and sturdy.  I was a good girl.  ;-)

Loved this colorful medicine or curio cabinet below - didn't love the price.

We were both REALLY tempted by this pink/salmon portable TV, it cost $20 but the vendor couldn't guarantee it worked.  We really thought hard about possibly buying a non-working TV to place in the guest room as decoration.  Thank god we came to our senses- who wants a TV that doesn't work??!

Turns out a friend purchased this cot thing-a-ma-bob after we left.  Guess I wasn't the only one who thought it was cool!  Looking back in these photos, I'm sad I didn't pay more attention to those TV trays, we could use them, and they look uber cool too.  

I loved this little brass rabbit door stop, but was trying to be a good girl and not bring home unnecessary treasures.  


Of course I found a gazillion mid-century modern chairs that I wanted but had no place for in the house. 
If there had been an aqua one in the mix, I would have made it happen.

I'm not sure why they are all green? I guess it was an extremely popular color! haha


Also, we found great outdoor chairs, but aren't ready to purchase yet:

I really liked this traditional patio set because it didn't have the floral decoration on the chair backs that you typically find. But at $125, it was more than I want to spend with no purpose in mind for it yet.

I actually meant to go back and buy these wood and aluminum folding chairs, but forgot.  I have one already, and these were $6/ea.

I also really liked this folding beach lounger chair that was $6 as well as the wooden ironing board.

I'll try to remember to share my actual purchases later, once I get them set up in the house.  To see more of my flea finds, you can go to my flickr set here.

And here is one sneak peek of my new rug that I found at the flea, after months and months of searching- I finally found one that fits all my requirements and was less than $100 to boot!! I LOVE IT!!!  Whoo hoo!

Sorry for the camera phone pic- better photos to come!


Chrissa said...

I wish we could go thrifting together!

I LOVE the "old girl" turquoise shelf and that aqua medicine cabinet? SWOON!

ModFruGal said...

Nice score on the rug!!! Thanks for the shout-out! Glad you got some goodies.

Carolyn said...

Chrissa, if you ever make it to Nashville, come the 4th weekend of the month so we can go to the flea market!!

Mary said...

Damn! I love that bookshelf, and that white patio set.

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