Dwell rug sale!

Hey guys!  I found the Dwell rug that I featured in my dream bathroom post is on sale 15% off online, over at the Polka Dot Peacock!
I'm a little torn because there are three rooms in our house that could use one of Dwell's simple striped rugs.

  1. The dream bathroom above- but that will be awhile before it is completely renovated and ready for finishing touches such as a rug, and I'm not even sure what size would work best, the 5' x 8' or the runner.
Draper Runner in Ink

2.      The downstairs office...I've thought the same rug in persimmon would be awesome with the minty green/aqua color of the office.  Plus, all of the accessories are already that color, but then again it could become a bit too matchy matchy.

Draper Rug in Persimmon

So, then I had to try the same rug but in the Ink color and BAM (!!!) this one is so much better!

Draper Rug in Ink

3.  And lastly, the dining room has always had a bit of an identity crisis with being between the renovated kitchen and finished den.  I've tried a few options in the past, but pretty much...this room gets ignored and we just use it as a pass through to the kitchen/deck/basement.

Again, it's the same dilemma- the Persimmon or the Ink?
Draper Rug in Persimmon

-- OR --

Draper Rug in Ink

I feel like I'm leaning to the Ink and could use it in one of three rooms, but I need to hurry up and decide before the 15% off sale is over, and I don't see any dates listed as to when it ends.

Which would you choose?!


Panda Parables said...

i like persimmon for the office.

Carolyn said...

ha, thanks for your vote Katie!

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