Going up!

I found these crazy lights at the flea market last month and have been meaning to share them with you ever since my Flea Finds post.

They are believed to be old elevator or escalator lights and would have been positioned one above the other, which is why the down light looks funny the way that we have it installed....but it suits us just fine!  Depending on if the elevator/escalator was going up or down, the correct word would be lit up.

The fixtures are actually what we've had installed there for about 4 years, and are from ikea- we just removed the ikea glass globes and replaced them with these nifty ones.  I've scoured the Internet and only found one item like them on Rejuvenation.

 Their lights were sold with the ornate fixture seen above for $1,850!!  I got ours for $29, so I'd say that was a steal.  The poor antique dealer must not have known what he had.

Here's a photo of the plain ones that were installed before:

And here is what they look like now:

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