Father's Day Free Download

If you are like me and wait until the last minute to buy a special occasion card, perhaps I can help you out!  I always have the best intentions of ordering cute cards and gifts from etsy, etc. and then the special day draws near and I haven't given myself enough time to allow for shipping...seriously, STORY OF MY LIFE!
A couple of years ago, I created a version of this same card as a free download, I came across it recently, and thought it could be improved upon this year...so here ya have it...a free download for a Father's Day Card 2011!

Download the full size printable card here, it is set up with two to a page in the event you have a father-in-law, or multiple father's like I do (inside joke there)!
Not for resale, for personal use only! © 2011 Squirrepearl Design by Carolyn Burgess Sellers

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