The easy way out...

This year, I just couldn't be bothered to go all out on a Halloween costume like years past. David and I usually get really into the gathering of costume materials and go for the whole shebang (see photos below)....the body paint, the sewing, I just didn't have it in me.  So, I present to you "Foxy Lady"...a.k.a. "I put on a dress and heels and a fox mask".  I felt cute, that's all that matters, right?! haha

It turns out we both unintentionally looked like we were doing a tribute to Wes Anderson, I guess our subconscious seeped through.  I with a nod to Fantastic Mr. Fox, I wish I had thought to find a dress like hers and a tail!!

And David, with a nod to The Baumer a.k.a. Richie Tenenbaum of The Royal Tenenebaums, which wasn't intentional, just how he dresses everyday and easiest to put together! haha

David wore his normal clothes and was going for the look of John McEnroe circa when he still had alot of hair, and just added a vintage tennis racket courtesy of my Dad.  It's funny, because the character of Richie Tenenbaum was thought to be based on another tennis great Bjorn Borg as seen here with John McEnroe.

McEnroe photo inspiration below, it's kinda creepy how much David looks like this everyday!!  If you know him, you will agree- he has probably 10 different shirts and zip up jackets in red and white and/or blue, that all look the same to me, but not to him.  I'd say, just like John McEnroe below, all of those shirts look the same!!!

(John in 1977)

(John in 1978)

(John in 1980)


A look back to Halloween's past....

2009 - Pocahontas 

2008 - Little Red Riding Hood

2007 - Garden Gnome

2006 - (Away on our honeymoon)

2005- David was Andy Warhol and I was the Marilyn painting

2004 - Jolly Green Giant and Lil Sprout

2003- Craft superhero (I wore a felt holster with a glue gun, staple gun, paint brush and knitting needles)

1984- Rainbow Bright

  Hope you had a great Halloween!!


alexis said...

i always reference your marilyn/andy costumes as probably the best ever. that costume was simply incredible.

Carolyn said...

ha, you are too kind!

Miss Argentina outdid Marilyn for sure!!

Did you see us at Carl's the year we were Jolly Green Giant and Lil Sprout? I CAN NOT find a photo of it!!

The Blonde Mule said...

Re: 2004 pic - ask & you shall receive, haha.

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